~~FREE SEEDS 2016~~

Hi everybody :)

I have some seeds to give away for free! This time - Anacampseros! If you are interested in starting growing these fascinating plants in your collection this is your chance. The sowing and later care is quite straightforward in my experience. I sow and grow them in pumice. The little water they get and the more sunlight the prettier they are. You can check the tag Anacampseros in my blog for some more information.

Anacampseros develop seeds almost every time they flower but the seeds are viable only for a year or so. For example if seeds were collected during the summer flowering season in 2016 you can sow those seeds up until summer 2017, at the latest (no guarantee!). Last year I had great germination rate in February. Don't put them away - sow as soon as you get them.

The number of seeds in each pack will be determined by how many of them are left (probably 25-50 but I can put more in on demand or if there are way too many). The germination rate is very high so you don't want to end up with too many seedlings. Keep that in mind.

If you would like to reimburse me for the worldwide shipping I guess it's 1€ with Paypal. Address same as in my profile but please send me an email first before sending any money. We can trade too! Just drop me a line. I don't want to undermine the business of a certain nursery by offering free seeds off their plants but I also don't want the seeds to go to waste which they would if I was trying to sell them, I'm sure.

I will also be offering seedlings next year, to be distributed within the EU.

So here is the seed list.

Anacampseros karasmontana (An10, ex ES3254) (harvested 2016) ALL GONE
Very small, very hairy, very cute!

Anacampseros arachnoides (An35, Dysseldorp) (harvested 2016) ALL GONE
Might need trimming when grown. Small white-pink star-shaped flowers in great quantity.

Anacampseros lancifolia (An49, nom prov 7 km s Clanwilliam) (harvested 2016) ALL GONE
Huge almost white flowers.

Anacampseros telephiastrum (An97, Witberge) (harvested 2016) ALL GONE
Adorably fat. Shape reminds me of Adromischus. Big flowers.

Anacampseros arachnoides (An106, s Roineck Pass) (harvested 2016) ALL GONE
Small white-pink star-shaped flowers in great quantity.

Anacampseros arachnoides (An208, Hoogstaan) (harvested 2016)
Kinda touchy. Small white-pink star-shaped flowers in great quantity.

Anacampseros filamentosa ssp. namaquensis (harvested 2016) ALL GONE
Pink flowers, short hairy leaves.

Avonia albissima (multiramosa) (harvested 2016)
Flowers never open but produce lots of seeds. Seedlings germinate well but are a bit difficult and grow extremely slowly.


Delosperma harazianum (harvested 2015 and 2016)
Very easy plant with cute flowers.


  1. Can you ship it overseas? I live in South Korea.